Day of Week

With a smartphone and the right app, you can learn the day of the week for any date.

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Quiz Mode

Test your knowledge against random dates. If you need help, a simple tutorial waits nearby.


Look-up the day you were born. Or Groundhog Day 1993, or perhaps Independence Day 1776. You're only limited by your imagination.


Focus your learning on a particular century to gain better skills.


Learn interesting facts on certain days from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.

Just Imagine

Be the life of the party by calculating any day of week in your head. Quickly determine what day a contract was signed. Impress your friends & colleagues with your newfound skill.

People talking about #DayOfWeek

"Use it almost every day." - @brainiacToGo

People talking about #DayOfWeek

"Great way to learn something in a short amount of time." - @pluribusCranium